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We want to create a magical arena for Sámi business´. A unique combination of people, knowledge and experiences embraced by security and openness
- an arena for all business players in Sápmi.

Event is compered by:

All inspirational talks and workshop
Optional space at networking market

TicketTuesday Sančuari concert
Wednesday lunch
Wednesday Gala dinner
Wednesday concert ticket
Thursday Masterclasses

Coffee and invaluable experiences during the whole event

Accommodation not included

Pre-conference evening
Program 27.02.2024

 16.30-19.00 Registration opens

17.00-18.00 Networking Workshop - Kievra/Sirbmá IL

18.00-19.45 Mingle & Networking Market

19.30-19.45 Introduction and Welcome - Ovddos AS

19.45-21.15 Surrounded by Idiots - Thomas Erikson

21.00-01.00 Mingling at the Bar 

22.00-00.00 Concert Sančuari


Sápmi Business Conference 2024
27.-29. February

Networking Market

We will offer you the opportunity to market your business during the event. Bring a roll-up, business cards, small screen or the material you use to market your business on a limited space. Express your interest in participating on the networking market upon registration or through e-mailing us.

Dinner and socializing

During the gala dinner, an exciting buffet with flavors from Sápmi will be served. The serving is marked with a food card that informs about allergens. If you have forgotten to inform us about allergies when registering, we ask that you do so as soon as possible so that we can communicate this to the chef.


There are 2 hours from when the program ends on Wednesday until we open the doors for the gala dinner. It is therefore possible to change your clothes for the evening event. Everything takes place indoors, and the attire is gákti or business casual.

For any questions or input, feel free to contact us!






Lecturers speak in their own language, but everything is interpreted into Norwegian, English and Sami.

NB! If there are any of these languages ​​(Sami, Norwegian, English) that you do not understand, you must bring a headset that you connect to your phone (Remember to charge your phone)


Báktehárji, Kautokeino, Norway

Address: Báktevárri 5, 9522 Kautokeino

The conference is held in Guovdageaidnu - Kautokeino at Báktehárji Sports Hall.

It is possible to get to Kautokeino by bus or car or by plane to Alta, Lakselv and Enontekio and then by car to Kautokeino. It is possible to rent a car in Alta, Lakselv and Kautokeino.

Accommodation and travel to Kautokeino

Contact Us

You have to arrange accommodation and transport yourself, but if you cannot find accommodation and transport, we can help you find accommodation for you. Contact us on tel. + 47 966 10 252 or by e-mail

Among other things, we have reserved hotel rooms.

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